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Hello! My name is Violet and I am a recent history graduate, writer and reviewer. If you like what you see and would like to work with me, please use my contact form. If you have any questions regarding fees or anything else, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

My interests include (but are not restricted to) literature, culture, lifestyle/women’s health, national politics, areas of inequality and education.

Backbench UK Contributing writer and general editor

Labour’s right: education is a human right

Corbyn is not to blame for the election result

A Progressive Monarchy is Impossible

Coronavirus Hysteria Is an Epidemic in Itself

Covid-19 Has Exposed a Chronic Underfunding of the NHS

Coronavirus Has Challenged the Relationship Between Science and Politics

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris Don’t Need to Be Radical, Just Electable

Climate Change is Real, but so Is Classism

The Indiependent Contributing writer

Poem Of The Week: Colour Blind // Lemn Sissay

5 Things I’ve Learnt Since Having The Coil

Empoword Journalism Contributing writer

Covid-19 Gave Me a Fear of the Outdoors

Opinion: Post-Covid-19, We All Need to be Intersectional Feminists

Wildfell Zine Contributing writer

A Tale Which Spans Generations: Returning to Dickens During Uncertain Times

Peach Street Magazine Contributing writer

Time is all we have: Reflections on Grief, Loss, and Living

The Yorker UK Editorial Director and Contributing writer

My author page can be found here.

The Yorker Magazine – The Celebration Issue (2018)

The Yorker Magazine – The Heroes Issue (2019)

Medium Featured in: The Innovation, Curious, From the Library and Books Are Our Superpower

Top writer in Books and Reading

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NetGalley Reviewer

The Shelf, Helly Acton

All Men Want to Know, Nina Bouraoui

The Truants, Kate Weinberg

If I Could Say Goodbye, Emma Cooper

Broadwater, Jac Shreeves-Lee

How I Learned to Hate in Ohio, David Stuart MacLean

Alone Together

Professional Reader

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