Hello and welcome to my blog

My name is Violet and I am a recent History graduate. Alongside my degree I realised my love affair with writing, as I was the Editorial Director of The Yorker Ltd, an independent student media company. During this experience I soon realised that writing (about almost anything!) was something I wanted to continue.

This blog will mainly feature book reviews, as I read throughout the months and years. My favourite genres to read are: contemporary fiction, literary fiction, thriller/suspense, historical fiction and dystopian but I also dabble in non fiction too.

I will also occasionally be sharing political pieces in response to current affairs. If that’s not for you then you don’t have to read. I also welcome opinions from people who do not agree with me – I find it very interesting to discuss.

Finally – this blog is (hopefully) my seg-way into the freelance/writing/journalism world. I run this blog alongside having a full time job, so if you can help me out in any way that would be amazing. You can donate to my Ko-Fi page here.

Feedback and comments are always welcome – happy reading 🙂

Professional Reader